My “meanwhile ring” from James arrived today! It was nice to finally get a placeholder on my bare finger since our dog’s costly supper . I adore the daintiness of my new ring. James found it thru my Pinterest wishlist- so I suppose it’s a small victory for the way too many hours I’ve spent on the site. He hoped it would be bigger (is this just a common male ring buying mentality?)- but I was SO happy that it was in fact tiny, simple, delicate & effortless. It’s a gentle c’est la vie sigh that feels like a good summary. The subtle heart shape to remind me that dazzling sparkly rings that showcase a couple’s betrothal are certainly delightful, but having a real and thriving bond with my loved one is the true heirloom. And the teensiest speck of black diamond as a little ghost of my old ring perhaps? It is from Brooklyn based designer Scosha and came sweetly packaged. Not to mention in the wake of my lost ring it has an entirely refreshing pricetag!

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