Sorrows to the Universe

So. Our new dog that I love ate the engagement ring that I loved a couple weeks ago. We did all the right things to get it back if it was going to be found or got back. Such was not to be the case with my perfect edwardian platinum + ruby token given to me by the boy i love. I dealt with it the only way i could. I allowed myself a week to  wallow in self-pity and mourn.  And then I reminded myself that as much as my heart hurts- the people I love are safe, warm & fed, and that is way more than millions of people on this earth can claim. Who knows- eons from now we might replace it with something similar. In the near future we will replace it with something new that doesn’t dent our savings. I dug up this picture of my ring… sitting on my favorite up in the air somewhere tiny gold lip dish. At least the dog didn’t eat that too!


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