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Pretzel & Delight

What could be better than a partner that constantly bakes fresh “everything” pretzels?? How about one who decides his font-geek wife needs a batch of ampersand shaped ones! James saw the idea a few places online & decided to try it. Scrumptious. He’s used a variation of this Gourmet recipe for years. Viva la ampersand. […]

Booze Motive- Aviation

I love a classic Aviation cocktail and it’s ghostly purple moonstone hue. On soft grey rainy days the complex flavors of herb & floral bite is perfect for sipping while window staring. These vintage glasses are a recent thrift jackpot, they have seen heavy rotation in the cocktail queue lately! Fill a cocktail shaker three-fourths […]

Lime, Lemon + Blood Orange

A few weeks ago was our 1 year anniversary of being in our home so I baked James favorite treat that I make- a yogurt cake. Long ago I found this recipe from  Bon Apetit & every time I make it I tend to adapt it differently. This time I made mini bundts instead of […]

Fine Dinnering

Last nite’s pancakes for dinner! A la mode with blueberry frozen yogurt, James’ homemade whip cream, fresh strawberries and agave nectar. Our home’s best once a season ritual according to popular opinion. Share

Booze Motive- Audrey Clementine

Lately I’ve been fine tuning my cocktail hour skills. Probably just so I have an excuse to amass things like beautiful bottles of St. Germain, fine tawny ports and a hand-turned walnut-wood muddler. I’m slowly learning and adapting old timey recipes and creating a few of my own. The stretch of  “clementine season” forged my […]

Lavender & Lemon

These scrumptious looking Lavender & Lemon tartlets are going to the top of the baking queue.(photo & recipe from Caren Blair’s blog) Share


We are having a couple gluten “free-ish” weeks around here to see if that helps some possible allergy/health woes. Does this make me miserable? A little. But it helps when your partner is a chef and tries to increase the cheer by making things “prettier”! A perk- this tofu & green tomato & pattypan hash […]

Sake Champagne Mojito

I don’t like Sake, I do love mojito’s, I really love Champagne and I really super-love Marcus Samuelsson. So that probably means I’m going to like loving these when I make them this weekend! (Even though Marcus did beat my even super-er loved Susur Lee last year on Top Chef Masters). Photo credit: Linda Wagner […]

Beets for Me

How delightful to have a mate who makes beautiful baked beet bundles to “add some texture to my day” as he put it. Maybe for a week all food should wear gorgeous nest-like herb crowns! Share

July 4

Happy Fourth of July- hope your holiday is filled with dear ones, delights and deliciousness! (this stunning macaroon cake is by Mowie of mowielicious, via Hip Hostess). Share
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