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Bear Smitten

For Valentine’s Day this year I sent all the little kiddie cupids on my list sweet and simple handmade cards. They were oversized tag shaped cards- decked out with gift brandishing bears of course! Heres a few of the different versions I made. Share

Belated bebe update

It’s been a long time since we’ve checked in…by now many of you may know the exciting addition to the Pearl & Marmalade family– our dearest Dani and her husband welcomed their first child in late spring- a beautiful & breathtaking daughter!! In my family a new nephew is coming any day now and my […]


My “meanwhile ring” from James arrived today! It was nice to finally get a placeholder on my bare finger since our dog’s costly supper . I adore the daintiness of my new ring. James found it thru my Pinterest wishlist- so I suppose it’s a small victory for the way too many hours I’ve spent on the […]

Color Motive- Lisbon Bear

For some weekend color inspiration, a picture from our trip to Portugal a few years back. A combination of some of my current faves- lovely tiled patterns, an unapologetic red & an old true love- Mr. Contemplating Bear himself. (photo- Char Lee Dickerson) Share

Lime, Lemon + Blood Orange

A few weeks ago was our 1 year anniversary of being in our home so I baked James favorite treat that I make- a yogurt cake. Long ago I found this recipe from  Bon Apetit & every time I make it I tend to adapt it differently. This time I made mini bundts instead of […]

Fine Dinnering

Last nite’s pancakes for dinner! A la mode with blueberry frozen yogurt, James’ homemade whip cream, fresh strawberries and agave nectar. Our home’s best once a season ritual according to popular opinion. Share

Sorrows to the Universe

So. Our new dog that I love ate the engagement ring that I loved a couple weeks ago. We did all the right things to get it back if it was going to be found or got back. Such was not to be the case with my perfect edwardian platinum + ruby token given to […]

The aftermath

Began taking down the festive bits today… during holiday wind down does your house also feel like it’s been mauled by a pack of grizzlies at a rudolph audition? I adored the first holiday season in our home. But next year- definitely less glitter and detail. maybe just a house full of soft white feathers, […]


Twining of history, connections to items, those frozen semblances… recently resounding in my head- “I have scars on my hands from touching certain people.” -JD Salinger Share

Color Motive

This color motive brought to you by the letter V (in honor of my niece!). We took her plethora of broken crayon bits & made these recycled discs of rainbow coloring fun. She called them color-butter cups (since they come out in  the shape of a Reese’s PB cup). Share
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