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Miss Mock

Our dear friend Susan aka Handsome Miss Mock is always making us swoon- this Triangle Scoop necklace is one of her latest geo-amazing designs. Love it!! Share

Bear Smitten

For Valentine’s Day this year I sent all the little kiddie cupids on my list sweet and simple handmade cards. They were oversized tag shaped cards- decked out with gift brandishing bears of course! Heres a few of the different versions I made. Share

Sun Shine On Us!

Our Sunshine print— perfect for brightening up the walls of the dear ones in your life (frame one to add a little cheer to a guest bathroom, or nursery perhaps!). Now if only the Spring sunshine would hurry along and bring about a nice thaw… Share

Yellow and Red

A recent vintage book acquisition, This is Yellow and This is Red (by Robert Allen, illustrations by Edith Witt). It is filled with great illustrations that make me smile- this shoe+clock+birdhouse number is one of my faves. Share

Belated bebe update

It’s been a long time since we’ve checked in…by now many of you may know the exciting addition to the Pearl & Marmalade family– our dearest Dani and her husband welcomed their first child in late spring- a beautiful & breathtaking daughter!! In my family a new nephew is coming any day now and my […]

New Stockist Alert- Bangor, ME

If you live near Bangor, Maine not only are we super jealous because Maine is amazing- but now you can also nab our cards in person! Thats right, Pearl & Marmalade cards are now available at The Rock and Art Shop, a delightful store brimming with curious natural treasures, interesting oddities and wonderful goods. And […]

Pretzel & Delight

What could be better than a partner that constantly bakes fresh “everything” pretzels?? How about one who decides his font-geek wife needs a batch of ampersand shaped ones! James saw the idea a few places online & decided to try it. Scrumptious. He’s used a variation of this Gourmet recipe for years. Viva la ampersand. […]

Booze Motive- Aviation

I love a classic Aviation cocktail and it’s ghostly purple moonstone hue. On soft grey rainy days the complex flavors of herb & floral bite is perfect for sipping while window staring. These vintage glasses are a recent thrift jackpot, they have seen heavy rotation in the cocktail queue lately! Fill a cocktail shaker three-fourths […]


If you celebrate Easter hope it’s a happy holiday! (sweet wooden rabbit brooch from pannikin’s etsy shop). Share


My “meanwhile ring” from James arrived today! It was nice to finally get a placeholder on my bare finger since our dog’s costly supper . I adore the daintiness of my new ring. James found it thru my Pinterest wishlist- so I suppose it’s a small victory for the way too many hours I’ve spent on the […]
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