Miss Mock

Our dear friend Susan aka Handsome Miss Mock is always making us swoon- this Triangle Scoop necklace is one of her latest geo-amazing designs. Love it!!

Bear Smitten

For Valentine’s Day this year I sent all the little kiddie cupids on my list sweet and simple handmade cards. They were oversized tag shaped cards- decked out with gift brandishing bears of course! Heres a few of the different versions I made.

Sun Shine On Us!

Our Sunshine print— perfect for brightening up the walls of the dear ones in your life (frame one to add a little cheer to a guest bathroom, or nursery perhaps!). Now if only the Spring sunshine would hurry along and bring about a nice thaw…

Yellow and Red

A recent vintage book acquisition, This is Yellow and This is Red (by Robert Allen, illustrations by Edith Witt). It is filled with great illustrations that make me smile- this shoe+clock+birdhouse number is one of my faves.

Belated bebe update

It’s been a long time since we’ve checked in…by now many of you may know the exciting addition to the Pearl & Marmalade family– our dearest Dani and her husband welcomed their first child in late spring- a beautiful & breathtaking daughter!! In my family a new nephew is coming any day now and my b.f.f.’s adorable son was born 3 weeks ago! Fittingly we added a few new baby cards to our collection. Here’s a humorous one that perfectly gives a proper shout-out to all the helpful & supportive papas out there (nab one in our etsy shop here).

New Stockist Alert- Bangor, ME

If you live near Bangor, Maine not only are we super jealous because Maine is amazing- but now you can also nab our cards in person! Thats right, Pearl & Marmalade cards are now available at The Rock and Art Shop, a delightful store brimming with curious natural treasures, interesting oddities and wonderful goods. And when you stop by you can also enjoy their nature trails and changing exhibitions. Art, Nature, Shopping, Maine. Ummm, how perfect is that combination? Find directions, details and hours here. (Pic by Amber Waterman/Sun Journal).

Pretzel & Delight

What could be better than a partner that constantly bakes fresh “everything” pretzels?? How about one who decides his font-geek wife needs a batch of ampersand shaped ones! James saw the idea a few places online & decided to try it. Scrumptious. He’s used a variation of this Gourmet recipe for years. Viva la ampersand.

Booze Motive- Aviation

I love a classic Aviation cocktail and it’s ghostly purple moonstone hue. On soft grey rainy days the complex flavors of herb & floral bite is perfect for sipping while window staring. These vintage glasses are a recent thrift jackpot, they have seen heavy rotation in the cocktail queue lately!

Fill a cocktail shaker three-fourths full of ice, combine 1/3 ounce lemon juice, 1/2 ounce Luxardo maraschino liqueur, 2 ounces gin, and 1/4 ounce Crème de Violette liqueur. Shake well and strain into a cocktail glass.


If you celebrate Easter hope it’s a happy holiday! (sweet wooden rabbit brooch from pannikin’s etsy shop).


My “meanwhile ring” from James arrived today! It was nice to finally get a placeholder on my bare finger since our dog’s costly supper . I adore the daintiness of my new ring. James found it thru my Pinterest wishlist- so I suppose it’s a small victory for the way too many hours I’ve spent on the site. He hoped it would be bigger (is this just a common male ring buying mentality?)- but I was SO happy that it was in fact tiny, simple, delicate & effortless. It’s a gentle c’est la vie sigh that feels like a good summary. The subtle heart shape to remind me that dazzling sparkly rings that showcase a couple’s betrothal are certainly delightful, but having a real and thriving bond with my loved one is the true heirloom. And the teensiest speck of black diamond as a little ghost of my old ring perhaps? It is from Brooklyn based designer Scosha and came sweetly packaged. Not to mention in the wake of my lost ring it has an entirely refreshing pricetag!

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